Andy Smith

Before I get stuck into the meat and bones of Andy Smith’s story lets look at the facts: 7.5 stone lost in 8 months. Impressive hey? Read on, Andy's words not mine...

On Jan 1st 2011, I made a commitment to myself to improve ‘Planet Me’ after a series of failed starts at a training program.

I started a couch to 5km running plan and initially I started to see my overall fitness improve, but the weight loss plateaued, so I hit the forums for answers… I came across and a competition was being run by a sports nutritionist by the name of Ben Coomber of Body Type Nutrition. The winner would have a training plan written for them, so I submitted my entry. I didn’t win, but I liked the idea of having a bespoke training plan written for me for both training and diet, so I approached Ben for help.

We started the process in August 2011. I filled in some questionnaires and Ben provided a diet and exercise plan based around the results I gave, which came in hard copy in the post which is far better the a program via the internet or email. At the time I was around 18.5 stone and my end goal was to be around 11 stone. This was because at the age of 21, I was this weight and looked and felt great, so this was my focal point.

During the initial stages, I started to see great progress being made, but I found that the sugar cravings were ever present, so I had to focus hard. I set myself a reward goal for every 5kg weight loss and it worked. I had the commitment so I listened, researched and asked a lot of questions. I quickly learned that there was a lot of misinformation out there, but what I did discover was that the same names that shared the same mindset as Ben, kept cropping up time and time again, so I decided to attend a nutrition seminar. I learned so much in one day that I wanted to do something more permanent about it, so I asked Ben more questions and tried a few things on my own. I attended further expos and had the opportunity to meet the very people I had been researching (some of which I was in awe of by the very nature of what they did!) including Ben at the B-Fit expo this year.

So anyway, I quickly learned that despite my best efforts to lose weight, I was overdoing it. My mindset was that my body would cope with everything I threw at it, provided I could recover properly, but that was the problem, I wasn’t giving my body chance to recover properly so my CNS fought back and left me frustrated. This was a huge learning curve for me and made me appreciate just how impressive the human body is at adapting to calorie deficits. So I went right back to basics, and with Ben’s guidance we reached the end goal with days to spare before a trip to Canada to visit family.

So in 8 months I managed to lose 7.5 stone, but in order to lose that amount in that timeframe I had to commit to a lifestyle change and put in the hours. It’s been an education. I’ve been off piste a few times but Ben has allowed me to find out the hard way a few times and I can honestly say I’m all the better for it.

Ben has inspired me to pursue a HLC course through the CHEK institute in October with a view to doing something more permanent about it, and I’m really excited about the future. I am even enrolled on Ben's Body Type Nutrition Academy to learn even more. I’m now happier and healthier that I ever thought possible and it’s all thanks to Ben.

And it's all worth it cause I now have a six pack..