Anna Sward

I met Ben almost two years ago now and feel very fortunate for having come into contact with such a wonderful, high-spirited person. For a coach, the ability to convey to their clients excitement and a deep-seated sense of determination about their goals is imperative. I know few people that can do his as well as Ben can.

Not only is Ben highly motivating, full of stamina, and always willing to share his advice while offering his support, he is also devoted to the cause of leading people closer their health and fitness objectives while himself being a paragon of what he teaches. In the context of nutrition, Ben is very well versed in established and contemporary research and is always on top of new studies emergent from pioneering scientific research. As both a personal trainer and a nutritionist, I would most certainly recommend Ben’s services. He is someone one can always count on through and though. One word of warning though... his energy is contagious!