Chris Longley

I’ve always found that nutrition is a key factor in whether a client is successful in achieving their goals and because of this I wanted to make sure that I was giving them the best advice possible. I did some research on Nutritionists that would be good to partner with and of all the sites I looked at and people I talked to, Ben’s approach seemed to be the best fit for my type of fitness training and nutritional beliefs.

Never one to recommend what I haven’t tried, I asked Ben to build me a personalised pack based on my own goals and situation. When the pack arrived I was seriously impressed – the amount and detail of the information provided was awesome – everything you could want to get yourself on track was included and without any of the kind of hype and BS you usually get. I implemented the recommendations and felt better, got stronger and added some muscle. Awesome.

Based on my success, I began offering Ben’s services to my clients. The results have been superb, with improvements not only in body composition and performance, but in things like blood pressure normalisation, significant improvements in mood for clients with depression and reductions in allergy/intolerance symptoms.

Ben’s system, is easy to implement and you get to know why you’re doing what you’re doing, so you can actually educate yourself rather just blindly follow the latest fad diet. Working with Ben has been one my best business decisions and I look forward to working with him for a very long time.