Joseph Lightfoot

I first contacted Ben after being impressed with one of his articles on nutrition. Since then he's become one of my go to guys for nutritional advice and information. The great thing about Ben is he provides exceptional advice, backed by research and results, which works in the real world. However, this is not what impresses me most. Instead it his desire to continually improve, learn and take on board new information which makes me rate him so highly. I've not hesitated to recommend him to people seeking nutrition advice in the past, and will continue to do so as I know he's only going to get better.

Joe is a S&C Coach and researcher from Manchester, co-founder of Results Inc. and coaches clients and athletes including the England Under 19 National Lacrosse team. He has a 1st class degree in Anatomy and graduated medical school in 2012. He also heads up a campaign for better lifestyle practices in medicine with the "Move Eat Treat" campaign. Joe's site:, or and the campaign site