Phil Benson

I have a true passion for nutrition, health and fitness. This passion drove me to want to find out more about how food actually helps us in our lives and what benefits it brings, depending on what results you need. This involved taking courses in Human Nutrition with the Open University and reading countless books on the subject.

This passion also drove me to find people who I felt could help me in my journey of knowledge on diet and nutrition. I was lucky enough to come across Ben on that journey! I can whole heartily say that Ben revolutionised my view on food. From what knowledge I had, Ben multiplied that 10 fold. I respect and listen to Ben because unlike many nutritionists who I've read or listened to, there are no gimmicks and certainly no following the crowd (i.e. believing everything the media tells us!). He is unafraid to challenge common misconceptions and our ideas about what food we should really eat. In general people are dangerously misinformed about the truth about food, with many believing they are eating nutritious healthy food, when in fact they are not.

This is what can make understanding food really confusing to the general public, but Ben is skilled in making this clear. Its the radical, fresh thinking which many food experts need and lack and which means that your view on food, once working with Ben, is never the same again. I would recommend Ben on any level, he has helped me personally and he has helped in our business. Any business or individual who works with Ben will become much richer in mind and body and like myself, in my business!