Richard Sennewald

Since first encountering Ben he immediately struck me as someone I wanted to know, one of those positive individuals that you should surround yourself with, aside from exuding enthusiasm for his work he is by far one of the most knowledgeable coaches I have met in my few years in the fitness industry and has on several occasions shown himself to be well ahead of the game, simply by staying up-to-date with current research and approaching everything with an objective view.

I have racked his brains on a few occasions on the subjects of performance nutrition and indeed - weight loss for competitions; championing what I would see as a "gut health" or "inside-out" approach to overall wellness I have successfully used elimination diets suggested by Ben to shed over 8 kilos in a month to make weight. Ben is incredibly approachable and I have seen him deal with a wide range of people in a professional and friendly manner, often going beyond reasonable measures, just to help his clients. I will certainly be returning to Ben in the future as-well as keeping up regular correspondence as my sporting career develops and following his web-blogs, video-blogs and generally nerding out with him over matters such nutritional strategy, journals and training.