Will Parret

Getting in shape has always been an interest of mine whether it was for the rugby pitch or just getting ready for a holiday. However I would often chop and change between different goals which made them impossible to achieve. It was when I was living in Sweden for 5 months on an exchange student program that I realised I wanted to see how far I could push myself, but I knew I would need some help. I always thought it was my nutrition letting me down so the smart thing to do was get a nutritionist. I already had Ben as a friend on Facebook and he seemed quite similar to me and got straight to the point. There was no bullshit about his approach and would say it how it is, which is what I needed.

My goals when first starting were to increase my weight and lean up as I wanted to be able to smash people about on the rugby pitch but still feel comfortable chilling on the beach. Firstly Ben established that with my body type a good approach to achieving these goals was to try carb back-loading with weight training, more specifically the PHAT system. My meals used to consist mostly of carbs, fat and protein at every meal. Now my meals macronutrient ratio is specifically timed to maximum effect. One of the challenges for me is that I have a gym up my family's farm which consists of just barbells, dumbbells, squat rack, bench and a couple of other bits but no cardio at all and it's what I'd call a ‘proper’ gym. So having Body Type Nutrition adapt the workout to suit the equipment I have available was a massive help.

Personally the biggest change that I noticed was in my energy levels as I used to find that I would crash and run out of energy if I wasn't constantly eating. But now I have 3 meals a day and maintain my energy even though I have a very physical job. I was slightly worried what kind of supplements Ben would recommend I take, as I think that the majority of supplements are just a form of bling that people can show-off to their friends. So I was relieved when only 3 supplements were recommended, perfect when working with a budget.

In the 5 months so far that I have been working with Ben I have dropped down to around about 6% bodyfat from 13-14%, while also gaining 10 lbs. I am chuffed to bits with the results I have had so far and look forward to the future and possibly getting on stage and competing in a body building show.