Hi, I’m Ben Coomber, thanks for stopping by…

I hope you find what you are looking for, and some cool stuff you weren’t. I am a true geek at heart for everything nutrition, health and human performance. This all stems from my personal journey into the fitness industry. I was once 16 stone and obese…

Ben Coomber, before and after

…and then found a path to skinny (but still fat looking) after many months of struggling, which eventually culminated in me finding my ultimate path to athleticism and optimal performance. I find the best coaches and educators have truly been through it all themselves, I certainly have. As well as being 16 stone and struggling like mad to lose weight I also suffered from IBS, ADHD, Eczema, had poor energy and concentration, slept badly and had awful posture due to lazy habits as a teenager. This has forced me to learn an awful lot about the human body over the last 10 years, both from my own journey, and helping thousands of others.

These days I spend most of my time teaching others how to look and feel better and to achieve their goals through all of the books I write, blogs and videos I create, ramblings on social media and my group coaching program Fat Loss for Life. I also spend a large chunk of my time educating personal trainers and coaches through our online nutrition course The Body Type Nutrition Academy, while travelling the world public speaking, and engaging in cool projects that help change the state of the worlds health (I truly am a man on a mission). I also run a supplement company, no BS, no wild claims, the highest quality ingredients with all the research to back up what we sell, and I guarantee you won’t find a supplement that tastes like crap (which is all too common with supplement companies), it’s called Awesome Supplements.

I do all this while trying to regularly put out as much valuable information as possible through my free podcast on iTunes which is the UK’s #1 (I know, cool huh, it’s also quite funny to listen to, it’s not just boring 'ole nutrition info), via the BTN blog and my personal blog, writing for magazines, my YouTube channel and Facebook (over 68,000 followers), Twitter (over 25,000 followers) and Instagram (over 26,000 followers), all while keeping in awesome shape myself (got to walk the talk).

I’m also the nutritionist for GymCube.com – an online fitness video membership site (which has tonnes of cool workouts and nutrition info from me), and British Military Fitness – the UK’s #1 outdoor bootcamp provider.

Health is a massive journey for us all. I am still learning and developing, hopefully so are you. Feel free to follow me, get in touch, geek out on the social networks and check out the rest of the site.

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