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Hi, I'm Ben Coomber, and welcome to my website, all that I do, and how I can help you…

There are many reasons you might have stumbled across my website, so if you have 30 seconds, let me point you in the right direction. First and foremost, I've been in the fitness industry for 14 years. I started out as a personal trainer and am an award winning coach. I still do coach people, but from a distance, for free. So if you're frustrated with your health, fitness and nutrition right now, I have a free 30 day nutrition and mindset Facebook coaching group you are welcome to join, for free, and get on track.

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Ben Coomber fat loss transformation
I've helped 1000s transform themselves

Many people find me via my podcast, Ben Coomber Radio. It's a number one rated show that's been going for 7+ years, has had over 15 million downloads, has inspired 1000s to date, and best of all, is 100% free. You can listen on all podcast platforms.

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Ben Coomber podcast awards
Me at the British podcast awards 2019 in London

My passion and focus has always been nutrition, and since 2013 I have run The BTN Academy, a certified nutrition education company that teaches people nutrition from the ground up, and also certifies the Nutrition Coaches of the future. If you're keen to master nutrition, head on over to The BTN Academy website and take a look around.

The BTN Academy

Ben Coomber BTN Academy
The 5 textbooks that form the backbone of The BTN Academy

My passion for nutrition spilled over into the world of supplements in 2016. I was frustrated that supplement companies weren't more honest with their customers, weren't dosing their supplements properly, didn't truly focus on quality, and make an effort to make everything taste AWESOME. So I launched Awesome Supplements, which come 2020 is an award winning supplement company that serves over 2600 happy customers every month and plants a tree for every product sold. Take a look, I think you'll be impressed…

Awesome Supplements

Ben Coomber Awesome Supplements
Awesome Supplements - An Award winning supplement company

A big part of what I do is inspire, motivate, and teach. Over the years I've spoken at Body Power Expo, SFN Expo, WellFest, BeFit Expo, delivered talks for Sky TV, Twinnings Tea, O2 and in over 100+ gyms, appeared on Sky TV and 2 series of BestFit TV, written for Men's Health, BestFit Magazine, Woman's Health, FSN and many more, collaborated with the likes of England Rugby, Reebok and O2 touch at PR events. I've even consulted for companies, sports teams and start ups. If you're looking to hire me as a speaker, consultant, writer, or as a personality, I'd love to talk, check out my showreels here…

My Media page

Ben Coomber seminar speaker
Me speaking at FitLiving UK 2018 in Bournemouth on Fat Loss

I'm a life long nutrition, health and fitness fanatic that started life as a coach, then moved into teaching, business and leadership. If you follow me on social media you'll hear me speak about nutrition, health, fitness, self-leadership, being a dad and husband, mindset, supplements, business and entrepreneurship, working from home, and anything that I feel passionate about at that time that can help others lead their most AWESOME life. Have a look around my site for inspiring interviews, books and blogs, and find me on social media here…

Ben Coomber fat loss transformation
My fat loss transformation